Ever since that episode of Parks & Recreation, we've been celebrating Galentine's Day; a festive occasion preceding Valentine's Day where you can celebrate your love for your gal pals. It doesn't matter if you're single or spoken for, it's just a fun way to show your besties just how much you love them.

Galentine's Day on Female First

Galentine's Day on Female First

Here are 7 interesting ways you can celebrate Galentine's Day:

1. Wine-tasting

Getting drunk with friends is always fun, but add an air of sophistication to that enjoyment with a wine-tasting night. You'll learn things you never expected to know about your favourite wines and find some new favourites along the way. If you're not into wine, go for a bourbon-tasting or craft beer-tasting event instead.

2. Escape room

Don't let the horror movie of the same name put you off, escape rooms are great fun if you enjoy puzzles (and a good scare if you opt for a horror themed game). There are escape rooms in most cities these days, and it's a great way to kick off the first hour of your night as you work your way out of a locked room with your friends.

3. Star-gazing

If the weather's clear, take a road trip to your nearest peak with a set of binoculars and some star charts - or just take a blanket and a few flasks and lay looking at the stars and the moon. Not only is it spell-bindingly beautiful, but it's also truly symbolic with the moon being a symbol for the Goddess - and we are all goddesses.

4. Karaoke

Few things are more fun than you and your gang wailing along to your favourite tunes at a karaoke bar. If you're feeling luxurious (and perhaps a little shy), some places even have private rooms that you can book for a couple of hours - which means you can hog the mic all you like.

5. Exercise class

Fitness doesn't always have to be a chore, so why not take up a class with your friends? You can learn new skills and have a laugh while getting in shape at the same time; whether you opt for pole fitness, Zumba, kickboxing or bootcamp, you're sure to find something you all enjoy.

6. Craft night

If you and your friends are super crafty, how about getting a decent playlist together, a few snacks and settling down to get creative together? Learn to crochet, repurpose some old clothes and accessories, or print some pictures off Facebook and create a huge collage full of images of your friends.

7. Ice-skating

Get your skates on while it's still cold enough! It doesn't matter if you're Torvill and Dean or Bambi on ice, it'll still be amazing fun watching each other getting around the rink. Then you can follow up with a few cocktails - although make sure you do do this after because alcohol and skating is a disaster waiting to happen.

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