Jessica Lynne White practiced as a licensed Physical Therapist in Los Angeles, CA until one day she decided to finally chase her entrepreneurial dreams from home. Until the birth of her son, Kalani, in 2019, White recalls she was afraid to take ownership of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. When she finally decided to start her business in the digital marketing space, where she could help other women like herself who are driven by success grow, she began to genuinely embrace motherhood and scaling a successful business.

Jessica Lynne White

Jessica Lynne White

When White was pregnant with Kalani, she took a social media influencer online course with the intent to have a hobby while on maternity leave. She utilized her leave to immerse herself into all things digital marketing, social media and business branding. She learned everything from Instagram grid aesthetic to caption writing, successful hashtag strategy to building lead magnets that sell, and optimizing an Instagram bio to appeal to dream clients. Eventually, she decided that she did not just want to become a social media influencer but she wanted to share what she had learned to help others succeed as well.

She wanted to use her wisdom on social media and digital marketing to help others. However, this only happened when White stopped doubting herself and built the confidence that she truly had something valuable to offer to the world. Subsequently, her business skyrocketed, and her team started growing.

“And as my business grew and gained traction, I felt more autonomy and empowerment to be both a mother and an entrepreneur.  And it drove me to connect with other women that are highly educated, driven to succeed yet also want to be a predominant force at home for their families and children,” says the founder of Kickstart Social.

White shares how she maintains her work-life balance by telling us that, “There is absolutely a space for motherhood and wildly successful online business presence and I’m living proof.” She understands the importance of making sacrifices if one really wants to reach their goal.

She is a figure of inspiration for those women who think that their duty towards their families curbs their chances of moving forward in their careers. “I chose upward and onward, and my efforts have resulted in a wildly successful online brand that brings in leads daily for my business.  If I can do it, so can you!” says White.



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