The Frog App is the newest kid on the block when it comes to online social media platforms. Like all things new, there has been a buzz generating both online and on the London street for this new app - all for very good reasons.

By teaming up with yet another successful London based team and croissant connoisseurs, ‘Criss Cross’, the Frog squad were giving away succulent pastries for Frog users to collect and enjoy with their besties.

Nothing would have prepared the team for what happened next, for three days straight people of all ages were hopping towards East London to join ques which would wrap around the block! Simply to share a taste of happiness with besties and gain a real-world experience .

So, what makes the Frog App so infectious? 

Simply put, the app allows users to share short video clips that emit genuine feelings and positivity - No filters, no music, and most of all… no fakeness! The Frog App is designed to unmask the fake friends around you and to cultivate relationships that matter, by shying away from petty showboating culture and encouraging young people to look out for one another.

Some of the app’s most celebrated features are the ‘Check on Friends’ and ‘WYD’ (What You Doing?) tools, that allow users to effortlessly reach out to their friends and re-join previous conversations. An innovative mechanic which is yet to be seen or replicated across the social media industry.

After all, it’s easy to double tab on the screen to show love or like a picture. You’ll soon start to notice that the real friends are the one’s who actively reach out to stop and ask how you are getting on. Set to build a new culture, the team of creatives over at the Frog app are well on their way to something special. Look out for one another, and from time to time send a ‘WYD’ to those who mean the most to you, it may just make their day…Frog is the app that couldn’t have come at a better time.

What else do you need to know?

Frog now has over four million users with ever-growing communities in London, California, and Texas. Check out more at

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