By ChriSOULa Sirigou, The Golden Muse, Emotional Wellbeing Educator, Radio Broadcaster, Colour Psychologist, host of Golden Keys To Living LIFE with Flow and Ease masterclass series on GoldenMuseTV and award-winning author of The Book of Soulful Musings.

ChriSOULa Sirigou
ChriSOULa Sirigou

Becoming conscious of how pained and worried thoughts act as a burden dragging you down is a very good step towards living life with ease and flow. Over my years of spiritual practice, I have embraced travelling more lightly within the body by giving my mind a break from the constant preoccupation with body thoughts. This is my way of “releasing” and letting go and being back in the flow with what is truly important; being in the NOW.

I had never previously considered that my cruel, worrying thoughts around self-doubt and lack of self-belief and self-worth were actually dangerous and could damage my health. One early November morning in 2009, I had a wake up call, when my legs could not support me and my back went. It was through practising mindfulness and visualisation techniques that I gradually restored my trust in myself and bit by bit regained my inner peace and flow. I was praying for inner peace. This is when practising real self-love started, through learning to show kindness towards myself and compassion towards others.

As a natural worrier myself, this hasn’t been an easy path for me but one that is liberating. Dance brings me back into my body, grounds me to Mother Earth with movement, breathing, feeling the music reaching deep into my soul and feeling the pulse of LIFE. This is my personal remedy which is in my toolkit for when I get too much into my head and the thinking mode of analysis and sometimes over-analysis. Equally, music and sound, have always been my companions, nourishing my spirit and uplifting my soul.

Here are some of my golden keys to regain your flow and live with ease in 2019:

In our system, we have chi, or (translated into Western words) energy. We start from the fact that every single one of us, is simply energy. So energy is flowing in our bodies, but there’s some part of this energy that can be disturbed - it gets stuck or stagnated and it gets blocked.

Practise forgiveness

I have learned to become more conscious about the choices I have about being at peace with myself, I have practised forgiveness. The Hawaiian ritual or prayer called “Ho’oponopono” works miracles, helping you to look into your heart. Repeat it over and over again, until you feel lighter:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.

The thing that keeps you hostage in the past and doesn’t allow you to enjoy the present or give the whole of yourself in the future, is a reluctance or stubbornness to let go and forgive, which as a result makes your heart and muscles contract and stiffen up.

The Buddhist teachings begin with this kind of exhortation: Remember your original WHOLEness, your original goodness and beauty, and make a conscious choice to turn yourself toward what is good by cultivating forgiveness, compassion and mindfulness.

Nelson Mandela said, “It never hurts to see the good in someone. They often act the better because of it.”

Protect your gut

Not living in harmony with our natural energy flow can also be linked with what we eat to nourish our bodies and our gut. We may perhaps neglect it however because it’s not something we can see. You might say, right I’m going to look after my skin because you can see that, touch it and feel it, whereas you don’t know what’s happening inside of you.

Did you know we actually have three brains? One is our mind, our thinking machine, another brain is our heart. The third brain is our gut and if your gut is not healthy it affects the way you are thinking; it affects your clarity and, therefore, it has an impact on the way you act and feel.

A leaking gut can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. It could manifest as you becoming moody, getting irritated easily, having a lack of tolerance and finding that situations or people get on your nerves very easily. This is not the best you, is it?

See the best in others

As a student I remember saying, “I’m gonna do my best for my French language teacher because she sees me and gets me.” As a teacher of languages in schools, a therapist and broadcaster this has been one of my core intentions and values: to see the best in people and bring their best out.

I believe we deserve the best in life. We are here on this evolutionary journey to enjoy life, to live life with ease and be in the flow.

Once you say 'yes' to self-care and start feeling more responsible for your own joy, self-awareness and awakening, you can become more in alignment

with what you really want for yourself and for your life. The energy and psychology of Colour has helped me unlock and release blockages, heal and feel lighter. Colour is a joy bringer, not only to me but also to my clients and people I love. By being more mindful and appreciating the beauty of Colour that naturally surrounds us everywhere, you’ll be surprised how much easier it gets to feel connected to the present and be in the flow.

* Parts of this text were taken from the award-winning The Book of Soulful Musings: Inspiring Conversations to live LIFE with Love, Intention, Flow, Ease that offers you enlightening insights, tools and guidance to help reclaim your wholeness and your inner gold, with ease and flow available on and * ChriSOULa Sirigou, The Golden Muse, will take part in the Best You Expo at Kensington Olympia on February 15 and 16, booth F23.

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