According to a survey done by the WHO, it shows that 35% of women around the world deal with physical violence or other type of abuse. This is of course, quite shocking, however, this statistic could be even higher if unreported cases are eventually reported. Most law enforcement agencies are always trying to improve the way they police and are also using technology to help improve women safety such as wearable devices, mobile apps etc. A portable power bank ensures that a phone is charged at all times.

Women and Safety Tech

Women and Safety Tech

We will now look at a couple of ways in which technology can be used to help improve safety for women.

One particular Dutch start up that was quite distressed by increasing rates of crimes committed against females developed a wearable bracelet for women. This bracelet basically sends alerts to police, family and friends when that female is in a crisis. The bracelet utilizes a Bluetooth connection that connects to the female's smartphone app. This app helps the woman by allowing her to determine who she would like to contact in the event of an emergency. This includes the police, family members, particular friends, certain other users who agree to taking emergency calls etc. Additionally, the app also uses the microphone on the smartphone in order to record the entire incident and it also sends the location of the female wearer along with this audio to the local police.

There is another group of students in North Carolina University that created a new and interesting way to help protect females from experiencing sexual assault. They developed a nail polish that actually determines whether there are drugs in that female's drink or not. This allows a woman to easily and very discreetly ensure that her drink is safe by using one of her fingers to stir the drink. If the color of the nail polish changes then this indicates that the drink has drugs and is spiked. This would allow the female to avoid drinking it and take the necessary steps to get out of that dangerous situation.

Next, there are many SMS safety apps that are also being used for women safety. Technology is certainly being used more and more for female safety and empowerment. However, law enforcement does not to do better policing and have more citizen awareness initiatives so that more women would be more comfortable to file reports with less anxiety and stress.

Do you think that technology can be used in other ways to help prevent crimes against women? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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