With Mother's Day at the end of the month (March 31st), you might be lost when it comes to deciding how to treat your favourite lady. If your bank of ideas is already exhausted, we're here to help. Here are seven wonderful ideas for gifts that your mum will definitely appreciate.

Mother's Day on Female First

Mother's Day on Female First

Photo book

Get all your favourite photos of the two of you together published into a glossy, bound book with each page carefully designed and curated by you. It's like a photo album without the worry of the photos falling out or finding the right size pictures. It's also much easier to carry around so your mum can keep you close to her heart at all times.


A similar idea might be to collect together various mementos from your time together - they could be concert tickets, feathers collected on country walks, receipts from your favourite restaurants or stray photos purloined from your mum's photo collection - and throw them all together into a memory scrapbook.


Did you know that you can actually get a star registered in the name of someone you care about? Not only that, but when you register, you get a map of the night sky with information about which star is the one you named. And it's not even expensive! If you have siblings, you're about to become the favourite with this gift.

Spa day

Nothing beats a bit of mother and child bonding and paying for some ultimate pampering and relaxation (possibly complete with afternoon tea) will give you chance to enjoy each other's company in a fun atmosphere. There are so many other experience days you can do if you're not into pampering; why not go wine tasting or chocolate tasting instead?

Special edition of her favourite book

If your mother's a bookworm, we can guarantee that she will be delighted to receive an especially elegant or signed edition of her most-loved read. It doesn't matter if she already owns a copy; true bibliophiles will always appreciate a special edition for their shelves.

Talking photo album

We're obviously huge fans of the photo book and the scrapbook, but if you're more into a good old-fashioned album, why not opt for one with a thoughtful twist? You can now get electronic albums on which you can record up to 48 hours of messages and stories told in your own voice.

Your time

As we get older and become less dependent on our parents, it's easy to forget that actually they still need us around. If you haven't dropped by for a visit recently, make sure you set aside a few hours around Mother's Day to show her that you care. Your love means more to her than any gift you can buy. 

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