Women empowerment is not only essential for the social development of communities but also for the global economy. Women can be significant contributors to the workforce if they reach their full potential. It is then women can find the freedom to live the lives they have always wanted. Nathalie Nicole Smith, a successful entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer, and business coach, is proof of this. Raised in a home with limited resources, Nathalie has proved that persistence and diligence can turn the tables for anyone. Today she owns three successful businesses; each focused on women empowerment to help more women discover the freedom she is living.

Nathalie Smith image credit Nathalie Smith

Nathalie Smith image credit Nathalie Smith

Nathalie is the founder of Women Who Boss, an online networking community for women. This platform offers a range of services to help women win in every aspect of life, whether business, self-care, coaching, motivation, or health. Since its inception, the community has focused on celebrating and enhancing women through their personal brands and self-awareness. Women Who Boss aims to create a social platform for women where they can interact and share ideas or experiences to support each other and overcome challenges. The community offers tools that are essential to fuel their dreams.

Nathalie also owns PlushRx, a high-end storefront inside the Houston Galleria. Besides a brick-and-mortar store, PlushRx also has a functional website offering various products, including lifestyle essentials, body care apparel, hair care, etc. The store also offers exclusive wellness and weight-management products and services dedicated to women. This store has everything a woman needs to transform her life or grow and feel confident about herself. Nathalie even went a step further to share her personal diet and health regime to inspire women on a self-care and self-love journey.

The young and talented entrepreneur also runs a popular fashion and beauty line, NN Luxury. The company produces trendy swimsuits, beachwear, and workout clothes for women. The brand believes that women deserve to look beautiful and confident in everything they do, whether it’s sports or working out. This is where the brand has succeeded in becoming a part of women’s day-to-day lives. The range of outfits comes in different sizes to suit women of all shapes. The brand also offers free shipping on all domestic orders above a certain billing range.

Nathalie's journey hasn't been easy, from the girl next door to a multi-millionaire wearing several hats with confidence. She had to struggle to achieve the position she is in now. Nathalie dealt with obesity and people's opinions about her body and even fought depression to pursue her goals relentlessly. She now wants to motivate other women who might be going through a similar situation. To achieve this feat, Nathalie became a coach and guided three women to achieve multi-millionaire status, and over 50 are earning 6-figures every year.

In a career spanning over a decade, Nathalie has accomplished several milestones. She was listed as one of the “30 under 30” honorees by 93.9 WKYS and partnered with Total Life Changes to work on more health and wellness products. Nathalie has also self-published an inspiring book titled Becoming a Brand, which became a bestseller.

Going forward, she wants to scale up her brand to reach more women and inspire them. She wants to host a talk show to share her story with the world and also hopes to enter the entertainment industry as an actress.