You might joke about killing trees every time you print a huge document at work, but the paper industry’s negative environmental impact is much wider than many of us realise. According to World Wild Life, ‘the pulp and paper industry is the single largest consumer of water used in industrial activities in developed countries [and] paper mills may also discharge pollutants in surrounding water bodies’.[1] Add that to the fact that worldwide the pulp and paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy and that the U.S. alone uses approximately 68 million trees yearly to produce paper[2], we’ve got a serious problem on our hands!

Karst notebook

Karst notebook

Luckily, we’ve also got a solution, in the form of stone paper, which is created from calcium carbonate, one of the world’s most abundant resources. Australian friends, Jon and Kevin founded Karst Stone Paper ( to disrupt the paper industry with a sustainable alternative after discovering stone paper whilst on holiday in Taiwan.

Co-Founder of Karst Stone Paper, Jon Tse says, “I remember seeing a sample of stone paper and I just didn’t know what I was being shown. Straight away I scribbled on it, poured water over my doodle and tried tearing it – that’s when I got excited! This not only works, it feels and looks good while being infinitely recyclable.”

Not convinced yet? Not to worry, we’ve listed 7 incredible reasons why you should switch to stone paper here:

Save trees

…and plant some more! Absolutely zero trees are harmed in the making of stone paper. But it doesn’t stop there, Karst supports global reforestation efforts by contributing to One Tree Planted. So buying a Karst notebook will help make up for some of the trees killed to make regular wood pulp paper.

Lessen your carbon footprint

Karst stone paper has a 60% smaller carbon footprint than regular paper, and they go the extra step to ensure Karst neutralises any carbon offsets by partnering with Carbon Neutral to invest in emissions reduction projects that capture and restore carbon.

Better writing experience

Bright, white and smooth as eggshell, stone paper is completely waterproof to combat pesky coffee spills and tear resistant as well, so you don’t have to worry about your pages getting frayed or leaked on in your bag. As stone paper lacks plant fibres, there are no grain directions to the paper, allowing for a fluid, effortless writing experience.

Conserve energy & water

The production process behind stone paper is powered by solar energy, using 6 times less energy than traditional paper. Plus, it only requires 27 gallons of water per metric tonne of stone paper, which is then circulated in a closed system and reused. In comparison, that same 27 gallons of water would only make 9 A4 sheets of traditional printer paper!

Completely recyclable

Of course, all paper is recyclable, but as it turns out, traditional paper can actually only be recycled a maximum of 5 to 7 times, whereas stone paper can be recycled indefinitely. This is due to the fact that cellulose in plant fibres found in regular paper become compromised when processed multiple times, while calcium carbonate remains completely intact.

Karst stone paper also makes use of recycled materials to create its notebooks, sourcing calcium carbonate from construction and mining industry waste, rather than digging up the earth.

They make a super chic gift

The holiday season is right around the corner, and Karst Stone Paper notebooks make the perfect thoughtful and eco-friendly gift, whether you’re buying them for others, or adding Karst to your own wish list! Besides, your loved ones can bring in the New Year by literally writing down their resolutions in stone – what better way to turn your goals and dreams into reality?



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