As you, your friends and your family all strike up the inevitable, annual conversations regarding your new year’s resolutions, it is important to pause to take a second to re-evaluate your list. Time and time again we fall victim to poorly chosen and somewhat self-destructive goals that rarely survive long past the first few days of January.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Expectations for new years are high, even more than ever as we enter 2021. The promise of a fresh and hopeful new year ignites a feeling of optimism for many, but it is important to actively encourage and welcome this positivity within ourselves. After a year which could be described as an oxymoronic power struggle between mundanity and less than welcome surprises, this coming year has a lot to do to make up for its predecessor.

Disappointment and guilt are not exactly the ideal outcomes for goals, which is why when forming your resolutions this year, it is imperative to make sure that you make pro-active promises to yourself.

If we are to give 2021 a chance to live up to even a fraction of the highest hopes which we hold for it, it is important that we allow ourselves to be open to wellness.

The turbulence of the last year has been overwhelming to say the least. Much of the pressures that have mounted during this time have been painfully unavoidable, and that is all the more reason that we should make a special effort not to compound ourselves with too much more pressure, as we navigate this new year.

As much as the last annum has a lot to answer for, we should not overlook the fact that we owe it to ourselves to continue to give the support which got us through the craziness that was 2020.

You can do this in a million and one different ways but ultimately it comes down to learning to treat yourself as your own best friend. If your friend came to you upset, you would not encourage them to go home and sit alone in their bedrooms with a sad playlist on, so why treat yourself any differently?

Healthy habits will revolutionise your new year and so naturally, they should be centric to your new year’s resolutions if what you are looking this year entails self-improvement or self-love of any kind. While healthier resolutions will be revolutionary, it does not mean they have to be radical by any means.

A good approach to setting ‘better’ goals this year could be to look at previous resolutions and think about not only their failings, but the reason why they did not lead you to the outcome you had wanted. From this, you will be able to adjust these resolutions to be more proactive, realistic, and achievable.

I think that the majority, if not all, of us will be glad to see the back of 2020 and will be looking forward to the prospect and potentials of a new year, so let us not squander these positive potentials by weighing ourselves down with self-pressures which may be masquerading as impossible resolutions.

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