With shops, bars and hangouts closed across the country, people are no longer faced with just the age-old dilemma of ‘what should I have for dinner?’; they also need to decide, ‘what shall I do today?’

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Whether you’re working from home, looking after the kids or simply after a new activity to occupy your weekends, we’ve rounded up six perfect pastimes to keep you entertained over the month of April.

Up-cycle Your Wardrobe

If sorting and sifting through your wardrobe is a chore that you have been putting off since the start of the New Year, now is your chance.

Clearing out your closet doesn’t have to be a boring, one-woman job. Take some inspiration from Sex and the City and schedule a video call with your close friends, where you can try on all your old garments and ask their opinions on what should stay in the wardrobe, go into storage or be given to charity. The post clean-up feels will be so worth it.

You could even go one step further by using your time to get creative with some of the items which you’re not quite ready to let go of, but need some TLC, by customising them.

Listen to Your Inspiration Fix

In this current climate it’s important for us to keep our brains active, and work on our physical and mental health – and there are plenty of podcasts out there that can help with this.

Theragun, who are world leaders in the field of percussive massage therapy, have recently launched a brand new podcast called ‘What Moves You’ which shares inspiring stories and information around a range of general wellness topics that will inspire, teach and amuse you.

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of wellness, or simply an uplifting story to brighten your day, it’s worth a listen.

Host a Virtual Tea Party

With spring in the air and the sun shining into your living room, now is the perfect time to get out the strawberry jam, scones and cream and indulge in an afternoon tea from the comfort of your own home. On Wednesday 1st April, the international children’s cleft charity, Smile Train, is taking traditional tea parties to a whole new dimension - by encouraging people across the country to take part in ‘The Big Virtual Cuppa’, the UK’s first nationwide virtual tea party.

Whether you choose to Facetime close relatives, schedule an afternoon ‘time out’ video conference with colleagues, or gather your household together for a much needed tea break, at ‘teatime’; between 3pm and 6pm, Smile Train is encouraging everyone across the UK to switch on their mobile devices, boil the kettle, enjoy a slice of their favourite cake and have a ‘good old natter’ with the people they love.

Cake in aid of a good cause? What’s not to love!

Get Creative with the Kids

If the lockdown has meant that your kids are no longer in school, why not get them involved in a fun activity that sparks their imagination and creativity?

Leading UK pet charity, Blue Cross, has recently launched a new creative competition for children aged 7-11 – which invites them to design a ‘movie poster’ with their pet starring as superhero.

No pet? No problem! Children who don’t own a pet can draw their imaginary ‘super pet’ and explain what their powers would be.

Five winning movie posters will be selected by Blue Cross and showcased at a special exhibition in London in June called ‘Pet Heroes Through the Ages’ – which the winners will be invited to attend. The closing date for entries is 3pm on Friday 15 May. For more details, visit www.bluecross.org.uk/postercomp

Master Your Culinary Skills

In the current climate, when eating at our favourite restaurants is not an option, there is more reason than ever before to brush up on your culinary skills and create some restaurant-ready dishes at home.

Cooking can be very therapeutic and is a great activity to help relax and ‘switch off’. With thousands of recipes available to download online, all you need to do is pick your favourite cuisine and decide what to make!

Whether you choose to refine your favourite bake, create a traditional recipe with an alternate twist or cook something new, your kitchen is your playground.

Get Green Fingered

With each day bringing warmer weather, why not use isolation to get outside – and into gardening? Should you choose to create an indoor home garden or aspire to transform your current garden to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables; sunshine and fresh air are a sure way to lift your mood and out of the post-Netflix slump.

If you’re looking after a child who’s keen to help, get them involved by raiding the cupboards for existing household items that can be used to teach kids about nature and the environment, whilst forming a fun activity at the same time. For example, PATCH compostable plasters are encouraging parents to bury their compostable plasters in the garden, and to check on them each week, to teach children about the importance of compostable vs non compostable materials.

Whether it’s using a magnifying glass to discover garden creatures, planting cress seeds to grow a kid-friendly herb garden or learning about composting through household items, there’s an unlimited amount of fun to be had!