Your Tarot Horoscopes for May 2020 

Courtesy of Tarot London 

Tarot Readings for May

Tarot Readings for May

Aries - 7 of pentacles

You have been working so hard and the harvest is nearly here! Don't give up so late in the game! Rewards are coming to you, now is a time of patience and to wait for your fruits of labour to bloom! 

Taurus - 5 of cups 

Grief, heartache, and looking back at the past will only cause you more grief. What is done is done and this happened for a reason beyond your control. Now is the time to let go of this grief and stop it from holding you back.


Gemini - The Fool

Now is the time to take a risk! Playing it safe all the time? Well, you know where that gets you, don't you? Just make sure you look before you leap!


Cancer - 10 of wands

You are getting close to burn out! You are feeling overburdened and cannot take any more on right now. Learn to start saying know and conserve the little energy you have!


Leo - Queen of wands

You will be full of energy this month and have a new optimism that you have not felt in a very long time! Things will be going your way across all aspects of your life. It's time to take control of your life back and get organised! 


Virgo - The Empress

Abundance is finally here! This is a fertile time for you in every sense of the word, relationships, career and finances will become more stable and you will be able to finally relax and 'smell the roses!'.


Libra -  4 of wands

A chance for a bigger commitment is on it's way to you! Stability and happiness are denoted in this card and if you are in a relationship, be prepared to take a step up!


Scorpio -  Knight of Cups

Be prepared to be wined and dined! Romance is on it's way to you in the form of the knight of cups! This person will pursue you and make it clear their intentions, there will be no mixed signals here!


Sagittarius - King of swords

Now is the time for structure, routine and responsibility. You need to use your head rather than your heart to make sure you make the best decisions for you going forward. These choices could have far-reaching consequences so choose wisely! 


Capricorn - 10 of wands

I know how tired you are and you are thinking will this battle EVER end? It will! This card tells you to keep pushing forward and you WILL be victorious! Don't give up this late in the game.


Aquarius - 4 of swords

Healing is in order for you this month, both physically and mentally. Now is the time for recuperation and to take better care of your body. Take the time to have a relaxing bath or a massage. 


Pisces - Death

An end to an era and a brand new beginning is on it's way to you! Don't feel sad for letting people of things go that no longer aligned with your life purpose. They are only holding you back and making you feel stagnant.

By Sian Day