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Photo Credit: Pixabay

There are many advantages that come with owning a scooter; to the point where, once you've discovered them, you'll be seriously considering getting your own! What is the first step you would take in buying and owning a scooter? Well...

There are different types of scooters and you have to make the decision as to what you want to buy. What are the factors you should consider before buying and owning a scooter? Where should you buy your scooter? Here are a few tips that should guide you in buying and owning a scooter:

Check your pocket

This is meant to be sarcastic, because scooters are not really expensive. You can easily go for a scooter that fits right into your budget without having to burst the bank. You can easily get an average for a thousand dollars, which is reasonable when you factor in all the advantages of the scooter. Your budget or the amount of money you have to throw around is usually the first tip to consider when you are shopping for a scooter.

Decide on the engine you want

You have to decide on the engine size you will want your scooter to sport, this decision will affect your scooter speed and the distance it can travel in a given time. The more powerful your engine, the faster your scooter your scooter can go. You have the options to pick from; a 50cc engine or a 125cc engine, the choice is yours. (Cc stands for cubic centimetre which is the actual measurement of the engine). You must be aware that the engine specs of the scooter also affect the price.


Before you eventually decide on the scooter of your choice, you must also rationalise on how much of paperwork you are willing to shuffle. Going for a 125cc engine in most locations will require you to carry a scooter insurance in addition to a valid driver’s licence. a 50-cc engine scooter can do without the scooter insurance.


Several individuals will usually consider the brands they trust; humans are usually sticklers for brands, once we find one we can trust, we don’t want to let go. There is usually a list of reputable brands you can trust and you can also check out to see if there are new brands you can try out too.


Getting a scooter with a warranty means that the brands stands behind what they have made. No warranty means that the company doesn’t want to be responsible for any fault that occurs with the scooter. Hunt for a good warranty while you are checking out the scooter to purchase.

Sundry services

When buying scooters online, read up the reviews that other customers have put up, research the store. How soon does the store deliver? Are there any other after-sales services? These are questions you should get answers to before you decide to buy and own a scooter.

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