We all have things we like about ourselves, and things we wish we could change. But which traits passed on from our parents are we pleased and disappointed by?

What's your favourite thing about yourself?

What's your favourite thing about yourself?

According to a survey by 23andMe Brits have certain physical traits and personality characteristics that they prefer to inherit. High metabolism tops the list of favourable physical traits, closely followed by being tall, having thick hair and the ability to tan. Blue eyes also make it on the list, meaning they are the most favourable eye colour.

The ability to tan, however, is more important to women than men, while men are more concerned with the hair colour they inherit.

And apparently we’d rather our parents didn’t pass on their poor eyesight, which topped the list of undesirable physical traits.

Other undesirable traits include being short, having a low metabolism, early greying and thin hair.

We also have characteristics from our parents that we favour, too. Being conscientious tops the board, and artistic skills and being able to sing are also highly preferable.

It also seems that sleep is valuable to the British, as 10% of people say they’re disappointed that they inherited the inability to fall into a deep sleep from their Mum or Dad.

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