If there's one thing that all witches can agree with, it's that we've all had our fair share of ignorant comments regarding our practice. There are a lot of misconceptions about modern witchcraft, but here are five that we want to stamp out right now on Witching Hour.

Witching Hour

Witching Hour

1. Witches don't exist

Most people are confused when you reveal you're a witch, largely because witchcraft is considered to be a thing of fairy stories, or at least something that people used to believe in a long time ago. In fact, lots of people still practise witchcraft, though it's a far cry from most people's perceptions of it.

2. Witches are satanists

Those who do understand that witches exist believe that witchcraft is anti-Christian and therefore people who practise it are devil-worshippers. We're not saying that there aren't witches who are into Satanism, but all kinds of cultures influence modern witchcraft including Jewish, Eastern and Afro-Caribbean mysticism. Christian witches do exist, though many follow a nature-based religion.

3. Witches are fantasists

It's easy to assume that anybody who says that they're a witch is just pretending they're in Harry Potter, but that's because a lot of people don't understand what real witchcraft involves. We don't believe we can wave a magic wand and change the colour of our outfits; when it comes to magic, it's about manipulating energy, not manifesting miracles.

4. Witches are all about the Instagram aesthetic

#WitchesOfInstagram has kind of had a negative effect on a lot of modern witches. Lots of people have adopted a witchy aesthetic for social media thanks to shows like American Horror Story and influencers like Harmony Nice, and that has made witchcraft into a trendy subculture rather than a cultural and/or religious practice. Being a witch is not about posing for a selfie with a bunch of candles and a wide-brimmed hat.

5. Witches are goths

Similarly, just because somebody identifies as a witch doesn't mean that their whole lifestyle is stereotypically spooky. We don't all dress like it's Halloween everyday, and some of us even like pop music. There's nothing wrong with enjoying an aesthetic, of course, but remember that most witches dress just like everybody else.

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