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Mars, the planet of power, anger, passion and determination in combination with the fire sign of Sagittarius entering astrologically this week, these huge energies may leave you feeling a bit on edge and agitated but will bring help bring drive and ambition in you work life. 

Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First


An extremely intense and powerful week for you as Mars ignites a flame in your career bringing you passion and drive. People in your immediate family will make you feel angry as they don’t appreciate all that you do for them. 


You work well when you are given new exciting projects that activate your passion and desire. Intense energy is brewing in your love life, try to be more understanding with your significant other. 


You are feeling very agitated as this intense energy of anger and separation is affecting you in your home and work environment. Try to focus on your goals and ideas for all the new projects you are planning. 


Time to face your fears and be open to the changes that are occurring around you at this time. Be assertive and show your passion in your work environment as this will open up a new exciting opportunity. 


You will feel very angry and upset this week as your plans are not going the way you have hoped! Time to evaluate your ideas in a patient manner so you can iron out any issues that are arising. 


Embrace this Mars energy to make firm plans ahead for a new business opportunity. Try not to let out your frustration on your loved ones instead be open to receiving their love and support. 


You are filled with interesting ideas in relation to your work. You have expressed these with great enthusiasm and passion. You must now go forward and make a project plan with a scheduled time-frame.


Be more assertive and communicative at work and remember to learn to say no to others; instead of doing it for them all the time, teach them well and give them the confidence to do the task themselves. 


Let your frustration and anger out this week, but try not to hurt or upset your loved ones. You must deal with this energy alone and spend time in nature to balance your energy. 


Take time to reflect on your work this week, you have achieved so much but you feel frustrated at the thought of it not being if it’s highest standard. It is ok to go with the flow sometimes. 


You are feeling frustrated as your home improvements are taking a lot longer and costing a lot more than expected. Have a bit more patience because once it is all complete, you will feel so happy in your new home environment. 


You are feeling energetic this week, so use this energy to bring your ideas into fruition. Prepare a detailed action plan with your timeframe, resources, budget and any staff or service you may need to assist you. 

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