"In the UK 2 million people have a food allergy, and this number is increasing rapidly.

Indeed it appears that we are in the grip of a food allergy epidemic.

This means that for millions of people around the UK the dietary options available are severely restricted.

Going to restaurants and supermarkets can therefore be a frustrating experience as choice is extremely limited.

Parents may find it especially hard to satisfy their kids with intolerances and allergies as much allergenic free food is not catered to children’s sweet tooth’s, taste buds or sense of fun.

Indeed children are often more susceptible to food allergies and intolerance than adults with 5-8% of children suffering from food intolerance compared to 1-2% of adults.

Luckily for kids and big kids nationwide a new range of lactose-free puddings called NoMoo is soon to be released.

Based on a revolutionary new Soya platform, the UK’s first fresh and chilled, dairy-free dessert range has been launched because of the growth of dairy intolerant consumers.

The NoMoo range has been developed by the MD of Riviera Desserts, Hamish Renton, after he discovered that his young daughter Poppy was lactose intolerant.

In this video, Hamish talks about the story behind NoMoo, and TV GP Dr Rob Hicks gives general advice about dairy intolerance, food allergies and the impact it has on children."

'Dessert' Video Preview Below: