A top trend for 2017 is the avola almond. From its superfood properties to its sustainability, this is the lowdown on the top things you need to know about these giant almonds.

Avola Almonds

Avola Almonds

Bigger than regular Californian almonds

The first thing you’ll notice about avola almonds are their size, they are usually almost twice the size or more of the more widely-used Californian almonds and are flat. The variety has a hard smooth shell and a red leather colour.

Three times more antioxidant content

Avola almonds have three times more polyphenol content than Californian almonds. Polyphenol is an antioxidant said to prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer making it a superfood nut.

Most sustainable nut in the world

To grow Californian almonds, a gallon of irrigated water is used for a single nut, which can be bad for the environment. However, the water used to grow avola almonds is natural rain water making them the most sustainable nut in the world. Good for you and the environment!

Chemical free and highest concentration of nutrients per gram than any other nut

The nut’s natural hard casing protects it from the elements, ensuring it is not penetrated by any chemicals and also retains nutrients making the avola crop very nutrient rich, which keeps you healthy.

Natural source of protein

Avola almonds are a great way to get your protein hit from a natural source and they are also low in saturated fat. 

Contains complexion boosting Vitamin E

From combatting signs of ageing to boosting immunity, Vitamin E has many antioxidant properties and are packed into avola almonds. Vitamin E also promotes good circulation, regulates blood sugar, keeps your heart healthy, and protects against certain cancers.

Power packed with minerals

Potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron are all found in avola almonds and magnesium is the most represented mineral in the nut, which keeps your heart healthy and aids metabolism for weight loss.

Good source of fibre

Containing around 12g of fiber per 100g of avola almonds, the nuts are a fantastic source of fibre to help maintain a healthy weight and lower cholesterol levels.

Nush is the UK’s first nut milk yoghurt and the only brand in the world to create almond milk yoghurts with avola almonds. 

A spokesperson for Nush says, “Avola almonds are a nutritional powerhouse packed with antioxidants, minerals and hunger-satisfying protein. They are not only great for you but good for the environment too and we’re proud to be the only ones using the most sustainable almonds in the world in our yoghurt pots.”

For more information on avola almonds and Nush visit http://nushfoods.co.uk/