Made with Greek yoghurt for a healthier dessert option for children or add a touch of brandy for an adult version

Blackberry, Ginger and Chocolate Fro Yo

Blackberry, Ginger and Chocolate Fro Yo

Serves 4

- 400g frozen blackberries

- 2 large frozen bananas

- 4 tablespoons Greek yoghurt

- 1 tablespoon maple syrup

- 2 large pieces stem ginger, chopped finely

- 50g dark chocolate, roughly chopped

- 50g salted almonds, chopped

Making the frozen chocolate blackberry yoghurt - leave out the extraction mesh on the juicer, so you don't separate the finer from the juice.

It is also best to make each dessert one at a time, so divide out your ingredients into four.

Add 1/4 of the Greek yoghurt and honey or maple syrup to juicer, before turning it on. Turn it on and quickly add 1/4 frozen banana, black berries and chopped stem ginger. Push down so the fruit goes all the way through and begins to swirl out.

All the mixture comes through the one output in the consistency of a sorbet. Dollop the marbled blackberry mixture into a bowl and top with a little of the almonds and chopped chocolate.

Repeat this same process three more times and serve.

The mixture will be a soft serve ice cream texture.

Tess Ward and Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500
Tess Ward and Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500

Tess Ward has partnered with Panasonic to demonstrate how with the innovative Small Kitchen Appliance range and the right recipes, you can Experience Fresh eating every day

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