Naughty Tomato and Masala Munch are the two unique flavours of KurKure available!
Naughty Tomato and Masala Munch are the two unique flavours of KurKure available!

New research shows that Britons are becoming more adventurous with their food. Carried out by Kurkure, the popular South Asian snack brand, it was revealed that out of 2,000 Brits polled, almost half the nation (43%) believes people with unvaried food choices are less adventurous and, are less likely to take risks in other aspects of their lives.

Fortunately, the data also showed that of those questioned, 78% are open to taking those risks when it comes to food, with 47% admitting they're more adventurous nowadays with their food choices, than they would have been five years ago.

To add to this, 65% identify as ‘open-minded eaters’ who prefer to indulge in dishes with bold and strong flavours.

When it comes to a generational divide, Millennials are identified as ranking highest when exploring new dishes. A whopping 85% are open to experimenting with their food, with 75% keen to try new things with strong flavours.

If you're into your astrology, you'll be interested to know that the intuitive and emotionally sensitive Pisceans are happiest when eating spicy food, with 53% of them voting ‘happy’ and ‘uplifted’ as the top emotions experienced after consuming a spicy meal.

Fajitas were crowned Brits favourite international cuisine for lifting our spirits along with Piri-Piri Chicken, Paella, Peking Duck and Dumplings also ranked in the top-five shortlist from the options surveyed.

To help encourage Brits to expand their food horizons, snack brand Kurkure has launched in the UK following success in India and Pakistan.

Annabel Lewis, Brand Manager at PepsiCo, comments: “We’re proud to introduce Kurkure, an exciting and authentic snack to the UK. We are hoping to inspire Brits with our two new flavours ‘Naughty Tomato’ and ‘Masala Munch’ – a delicious fusion of rich spices and fragrant herbs.”

It's been proven that eating spicy foods can cause the brain to produce 'happy' hormones, such as serotonin, which can make people better equipped to deal with the stresses of their everyday lives.

So, don't be afraid to be daring!

Naughty Tomato and Masala Munch Kurkure are available to buy in UK retailers Tesco now, in 100g bags.

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