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Caroline Oldham

Caroline Oldham

Instead of sharing a restaurant this week I am going to share some lovely pies with you perfect for that Autumn/Winter months and not only is their gluten free options but also, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and egg free options.

I am loving getting back into soup season, a lot of illness and virus seem to be knocking around so make sure you are keeping warm and topped up with vitamins to help fight it. I love homemade soups and this is one of my favourites: https://www.biteappy.com/blog/blog/gluten-free-french-onion-soup/

Product of the Week

Finally, a great gluten free pie! A wonderful northern based company in York near my birth town is Voakes Pies, they specialize in making pies that are all free from gluten, wheat, some are also free from dairy, egg and soya plus many vegetarian options and 4 vegan pies too. Inspiration came from Andrew Voakes' son Nick and his partner Laura after her diagnosis which meant she could no longer eat pies, so they came up with this wonderful solution of making them gluten free and wheat free. Lucky for us that is all I can say! I loved trying out these pies, they really taste like the real thing, the crusts are crunchy and full of texture and flavour, you can tell that a fellow gluten free has been a huge part of making these pies. This is what we thought of the flavours…

Curried Cauliflower and Sweet Potato

This pie is not only free from gluten, wheat but also vegan which means it is free from dairy, egg and also soya free. I was so impressed with this pie, the pastry so crunchy and tasty, filled with this lovely curry flavoured cauliflower and sweet potato which was soft and melted in your mouth, totally delicious!

Spiced Lentil and Vegetable Pie

This pie is great of those who love tomatoes, the lentils, vegetables and tomato sauce in this pie really compliment each other to make a great tasting pie! This is also a vegan pie, which means is is suitable for dairy free and egg free.

Sweet Roasted Root Pie

If you want your 5 a day wrapped in a delicious crusty pie, then this is for you. Full of veggies and flavour I loved this pie, great as a quick lunch heated up, the gluten free crunchy crust is so well combined with the soft veggies! This one is sweeter than the others so if that's what you flavour you like then this is the pie for you.

Traditional Pasty

The meat in this pie is so soft and well seasoned and with the crunchy outside makes this a really tasty pasty! Perfect for a cold day heated up or to take chilled on a picnic! The succulent meat steak mixed with vegetables will leave you wanting more and more after each bite.

Steak and Ale Pie

Last up was this…designed for the meat eaters, a lovely packed pie of juicy steak with a dark ale sauce, all fully gluten free! I couldn't get over how soft the steak was it just melts in your mouth with that delicious well seasoned sauce. Being a born and bred northerner I would have this with extra gluten free gravy!

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