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Gluten Free Christmas Cake

Gluten Free Christmas Cake

Christmas is fast approaching so I think it is time to start sharing my favourite Christmas recipes and just general ideas, some involve no baking but are really fun to make with children. The weather is getting colder and the nights are getting darker so I always think it is a perfect excuse to have some weekends in and get some baking done. This Christmas my fiancée and I were supposed to be going to Budapest but with moving house, having a wedding next year and my sister expecting her first baby we decided to cancel and have some quality time at my parent's house, which my mum is very excited about. I love going home at Christmas as my mum is a wonderful cook and we get to do lots of baking so watch out for some new mother and daughter recipes over the Christmas season!

So first of all I should probably start with a classic so no better than to start with my gluten free and dairy free Christmas Fruit Cake (this can also be made vegan), and it can be frozen so you can bake ahead of time! https://www.biteappy.com/blog/blog/christmas-gluten-free-fruit-cake/

I am heading to Copenhagen this weekend with my family so I will be excited to report some restaurants hangouts next week of tasty finds. It will be interesting to see how up to date they are with the EU laws when it comes to food allergies and whether they have lots of gluten free options.

Restaurant Hangout of the Week

I have just been up to London for a friend's birthday and she chose to go to The Exhibit in Balham, which is really good for me as when I drive from Brighton anywhere South is so much easier to get to. We were a large party so we all pre ordered our food and paid for it online, which was a great system, it meant no annoying splitting of the bill on the day! They do a 'bottomless brunch' package which means you can get unlimited Prosecco for a bit more money.

For food I have the sweetcorn fritters with eggs, which was gluten free and vegetarian option, it was really delicious and I am a huge fan of sweetcorn fritters so I was happy these were on the menu! A friend of mine had this amazing gluten free and vegan quinoa salad too, full of veggies and I have to say looks amazing and delicious, I had a little food envy. The service was also really good, I was impressed by how organized the staff were and how quickly they got the food out and to the right person.

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