As the summer days roll in, and we enjoy our weekend afternoons sat on the park picnicking with friends, we're always looking for that next big refreshing drink. The Coca-Cola Company have come to our rescue, with their two new additions to their ever-expanding roster; Coca-Cola zero sugar Raspberry, and Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry.

Raspberry Coca-Cola has long been a favourite of those using Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in restaurants up and down the country, and now they've got the opportunity to head to their local supermarket and pick up however many cans and bottles of the stuff they want!

Despite being a part of the zero sugar range, the Raspberry flavouring comes through perfectly, sitting comfortably on the palate alongside that typical Coca-Cola taste. The same can be echoed for Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry, which is without a doubt the strongest addition to the Diet Coke range in recent months.

There was a worry here that the flavours may be incredibly artificial, but those were smashed out of the park upon tasting. The Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry even has a hint of strawberries and cream about it.

Not only do the two taste incredible on their own, but as mixers if you're fancying a boozy night. You may even want to pour a bit into your prosecco to give it an added kick!

Whilst it's hard to understand why it's taken so long for such brilliant flavours to hit the market, we're thankful that The Coca-Cola Company have now taken the plunge. We've got two new favourite sodas, and will be buying in bulk for any upcoming summer parties.

So give 'em a whirl, and remember: they're best served chilled!

Coca-Cola zero sugar Raspberry and Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry are available now.

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