Hello, I’m Deliciously Stella and this is my tip top guide to getting that summer body without the stress.

Bella Younger

Bella Younger

First things first, to get yourself a sexy a beach body, you’ve got to get your body to the beach. One of my favourite life hacks is to lay out my bikini the night before so I can get there as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for some motivation and you can’t face the treadmill, get someone to stand at the end with an open bottle of wine. Wine is full of natural stimulants that will get you limping to the finish.

If you fancy running outside, map your run using the McDonalds app so that you can easily make pit stops for sustenance along the way.

If you’ve really let yourself go and you need a quick fix, I can’t recommend a juice cleanse enough. I’ve found that washing my body with everything from sunny delight to vimto can be super beneficial and remember – if you’re eating while you’re washing then you are technically eating clean.

If you’re working on your six pack it’s important that the beer you use is chilled. One of my all-time favourite kitchen gadgets has got to be my fridge. It’s just such an all-rounder. 

It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer and nothing helps me get the glow like a refreshing coconut water. My favourite is by a brand called Malibu. It's full of electrolytes and as a bonus it tastes just like the beach.

When you’re eating clean, what you put on your face is almost as important as what you put in it. I love finding natural skincare products from what I have in my kitchen cupboards. I can’t believe that some people don’t know the benefits of mayonnaise as a moisturiser, and don’t get me started on Nutella as fake tan!

A great way to cleanse your system is with a nourishing bowl of bone broth. Some people don’t like making it themselves because they worry that they’ll leave it on and the house will fall down so I’ll let you in on a little secret… all you need to make delicious bone broth is a stock cube and boiling water!

Energy balls are a great way to keep you going when you’re on the go. I always have some to hand when I’m out and about so I don’t go reaching for a chocolate bar. Some of my favourites are by a brand called Lindor.

One of the first things that I stock up on when I’m eating clean is hole foods. Hole foods are such an important part of a healthy balanced diet. Donuts are definitely some of my favourites but nothing makes me feel ready for summer fun like a nourishing party ring.