We're a nation utterly obsessed with coffee. It's often the go-to drink for millions first thing in the morning, and something many of us indulge in on the commute home. Caffè Nero is one of the leading coffee chains across Britain, and are looking ahead to the summer with the creation of a bold and intense new drink; their Espresso & Tonic.

In a collaboration with Fever-Tree, Caffè Nero stores are now offering two serves of their unique refreshment. The first celebrates the sweet caramel and dark chocolate notes of espresso with the award-winning flavour of Premium Indian Tonic Water, whilst the second instead pairs it with the delicate, floral notes of the Mediterranean Tonic Water.

Not just delivering a gorgeous flavour, the two-toned ombré effect within the highball glass or takeaway cup is a sight to behold. Finished off with a slice of lemon, it adds a touch of elegance to your caffeine kick.

Marcus Denison-Smith, Head of UK Marketing at Caffè Nero said: “We wanted to create a unique and exciting drink which maintained the premium quality of our coffee and brought a surprising delight to our customers. Partnering with Fever-Tree was the natural choice as they are known for the superior quality of their tonic and its sophisticated taste and for devising world class tonic water flavours. It complements our espresso perfectly and I think it will give our customers quite a thrill when they try it!”

Saskia Meyer, UK Marketing Director at Fever-Tree added: “Innovation has always been at the heart of Fever-Tree, so we’re excited to showcase the versatility of our mixers by partnering with Caffè Nero to create two Espresso & Tonic serves – a unique combination that people may not have tried before. Caffè Nero’s commitment to high quality ingredients fits perfectly with our ethos of going to the ends of the earth to source the best ingredients for our products. We’re sure that consumers will enjoy these delicious, refreshing drinks as much as we do.”

The Original Espresso & Tonic with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water (£3.75); and The Ultimate Espresso & Tonic with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and ginger syrup (£3.85), are available in Caffè Nero stores across the UK now.

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