If you dreamt that you were having a coffee with someone else, it's possible you might have feelings for that person. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Or it could be indicative of how hospitable and sociable you are in your waking life if people feel comfortable enough to come to your home for a coffee and conversation.

If you saw a coffee pot, it's generally thought to be a sign that you share your hopes, concerns and ideas with others- you're an open book and don't keep too many things close to your chest. It can also signify the comfort and companionship of friends and family.

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If your mouth was full of dry coffee- it's possible that you are trying to accept a decision you've made of late and finding it difficult. Or perhaps you are struggling to say something you really feel because you’re worried about how people will react nor can’t find the right way to let it out.

If you were trying to make coffee and something was making it harder- like no spoon, a broken kettle or no coffee- this could be an indicator that you are trying too hard to impress others and neglecting your own needs. Or it’s possible you have aspirations to do something but feel you lack to the tools to do it. Perhaps you feel you need more training or practice in something to help you move forward or the support of those around you if you think that’s lacking.

Another thought process is that you're often the one who stimulates conversation with groups and creates a buzz about particular events or topics. This might work particularly well for you in your place of work to keep the morale high. It could also be a source of irritation for some so it might be worth judging it accordingly.

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If you were eating strawberries with someone then you may have requited love with that person in your life. With that said, do you need to embrace temptations within this relationship more and explore your desires with one another to intensify the passion? Or are you simply ready for a sexual relationship with someone? Perhaps you want to be this close to a particular person and enjoy a more intimate relationship with someone. If someone was squeezing a strawberry between their lips, this could be as result of someone who’s trying to temp or taunt you in your waking hours. Will you give in or stay strong and resist? Strawberries are generally something you eat because they taste and make you feel healthy; it’s a pleasant experience. Perhaps you need to make way for more things that make you feel good if you think like your life has been dominated by things you resent doing or feel obliged to... 

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