Easter on Female First

Easter on Female First

Pierre Marcolini 

The Grand Rabbit: £139.00

A white chocolate rabbit pokes his head out of a milk chocolate egg with two luxury draws of chocolates:

The Mini Rabbits

The mini rabbit £9.00  (comes in milk, dark and white chocolate) the perfect addition for any Easter egg hunts!

Easter Boxes

Great for sharing for families, where the adults get to indulge in some beautiful Easter creations too!

Plumier (12) Mini Eggs - £21.00

Malline (30) Mini Eggs – £39.00

Malline (30) Animals – £29.00


The translucent eggs are made from premium grade gelatine and purified water in order to make the egg clear. The chocolate and Cointreau flavourings are produced using a centrifuge, this scientific equipment extracts flavour by spinning materials at high speeds to achieve separation. 

For those looking to indulge without the guilt, these eggs are the perfect treat – all the joy without the calories or hefty price tag. With no more than 215 calories per egg and at a price that won’t break the bank.

In keeping with Easter traditions, each egg comes packaged with three pots of edible decoration and art supplies, so kids and adults alike can get creative.  

The Deliveroo Invisible Eggs are available from Good Friday (April 10th) at £1.95 (chocolate flavour) and £2.15 (Cointreau flavour) in London and Manchester.


Tony’s Chocolonely Easter Egg Assortment (£4.49)


What better way to spoil a loved one (or let’s face it, yourself) this Easter, than with this delicious match made in heaven! This February, you’ll be able to find Baileys Strawberries & Cream Chocolate egg in Asda and other selected retailers, from £10.

To find out more about Baileys Chocolates and browse the full range visit the website at  https://www.lirchocolates.com/baileys-collection.php

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