If you dream about Easter- it suggests that many of your problems and worries are over.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Things are starting to look up after a period of difficulty or hard work and you will begin to enjoy yourself and life again.

Seek comfort in this dream- even if your period of respite has not yet arrived- it will soon- you don’t have long to wait so don’t give up.

Easter dream imply this is the right time to move on- there is no shame in doing so- keep your head held high.

Along the same vein, this dream represents rebirth- so you may be giving your life an overhaul or perhaps you need to. This could be a new location, a new relationship, a change in career path or a shift in perspective.

Easter is also thought to be linked to difficulties with communication. Do you struggle to express yourself? Do others misunderstand you? If so, it might be time to clear things up or find a new group of people who are on the same wavelength.

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Easter eggs piled high might indicate something that is mounting in your life. What was once something you looked forward too has now become a burden because there is too much of it. Do you need to cut it down or walk away?

More positively, highly coloured Easter eggs encourage celebration. Perhaps an achievement needs more recognition, or you are looking forward to rewarding yourself or someone else for a job well done.

If your parents made a big deal out of Easter when you were a child, perhaps you have bene reminiscing about your childhood lately. It’s possible you need to channel your inner child in some situation rather than taking it too seriously. There is no harm in having a little fun regardless of how old you are.

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Perhaps you want to escape your responsibilities- family troubles, personal issues or a difficult situation you’ve found yourself in. With that said, if the vacation went badly and you weren’t enjoying yourself, then you may not be able to leave your responsibilities behind. Perhaps you need to face up to them before you can unwind. Do you need a break from the daily routine? Not necessarily a holiday but do you need to find something that breaks the monotony of everyday life? Holidays are also likened to rewards. Perhaps you feel you are due a reward for all the hard work you have invested lately...

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