Starting a business was never my plan. In fact, I was in my final year studying Neuroscience at UCL when I was diagnosed with a number of food intolerances including wheat and dairy.  I love ALL things sweet, so having to give up my favourite treats was almost impossible.   It can be so difficult to make sudden, drastic changes to your diet and this was something with which I really struggled. 

Olivia Wollenberg, Founder of Livia's

Olivia Wollenberg, Founder of Livia's

I started to look for sweet treats that I was able to eat, but there was nothing on the market that felt indulgent, tasted delicious, and was made from only natural ingredients.  That’s when I came up with the idea for Livia’s, I saw the opportunity and grabbed it! 

I started out baking in my parents’ kitchen, and testing my creations out on anyone and everyone that would try them. As the weeks went on, I became more and more intent that I would be the person who would solve an increasingly common problem, and although I had no prior experience in food or business, I very quickly ensured that I became an expert.  Only 11 weeks after having the idea for the business, I launched our first better for you treat range in Selfridges which felt surreal and that day of launch was one I will never forget. From that point my ambitions and goals for the company have just become bigger and bolder. I don’t believe that anything is out of reach. Hard work and commitment is the key to it all. Now I have a team of 14 people and I have people working with me who can do things better than I ever could. Admitting that I cannot do everything was the hardest thing at first, but now I have become quite the pro at delegation!! I have brought people in to my team who have been empowered to feel that this is their baby too. They are accountable and they know that they can be part of something huge. This isn’t just about me- it is about all of us together. 

There is no doubt that running the business has been all encompassing. If I didn’t love what I do and feel so passionately about the mission, I wouldn’t have been able to persevere through the tough times.   There have been massive challenges and hurdles that we have had to overcome, and I always try to see the mistakes made not as mistakes but as learnings. 

Five years down the line, and after a lot of hard work, Livia’s is now the second fastest growing brand in the ‘better for you’ confectionery category and we’re sold in over 4000 stockists across the country, including some of the most well-known supermarkets.   We take the most simple, high quality ingredients and turn them into the most exciting and sublime tasting treats.  The whole of our range is gluten, dairy free and vegan, with no preservatives and no additives.   We now have a range of products we’re really proud of including DUNX dipping cookies, Nugglets, and Million squares. We’ve also just released our advent calendar for Christmas which was a sell out success last year. 

We believe life is about having fun, indulging, and never ever compromising. 

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