Need Easter inspiration? 

Fleur de Fromage

Fleur de Fromage

With weather forecasts predicting a wash-out over the Bank Holiday, a trend on TikTok will be sure to inspire you to get creating over the weekend. #EasterHosting have racked up over four million views on in the past 30 days.

Views are consistently rising every day this week as we’re all getting in the hosting spirit ahead of the bank holiday

With this in mind, Port Salut cheese have teamed up with Grape & Fig, who are renowned in the grazing space, to create a beautiful edible centrepiece for Easter tables.

Fleur de Fromage’ resembles a vibrant bouquet of flowers and is the perfect vibrant showstopper if you are staying in this weekend and want to try something different!


What you’ll need

• Port Salut cheese wedges

• Flowers to decorate

• Crackers

• Choice of fruits

• Antipasti 

• Charcuterie

• Mini Jars of honey (optional)


A cheese centre piece by The Grape & Fig
1. Start by slicing the cheese into delicate, thin wedges using a cheese slicer (don’t worry if this gets a bit messy, it’s all part of the fun!) 2. To create a “flower” effect, start from the “pistil” (using a cube of Port Salut) and from the inside, out, layer “petals” of cheese until your creation resembles a flower. We’ve added some wedges of Port Salt to our cheeseboard too to add some variety. 3. Now the tricky parts done, you can build the rest of your board using mini jars of honey (pairs amazingly well with the cheese), fruits, antipasti & charcuterie of course!  4. To finish, add some real flowers to make your board “pop”, serve with some crackers and dig in!