Award-winning TV dietician Lucy Jones is encouraging people to eat their five-a-day… it CAN be easier than you think!

Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones

Getting at least five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables every day doesn’t have to be difficult, and what lots of people don’t realise is that they don’t all have to be fresh!  I've been working with Princes over the last few months to let people know that canned fruit with juice isn’t just delicious - it's a really simple way to get closer to that five-a-day target too.

As a mum of two I absolutely understand how busy life can get, so we need to be kind to ourselves and make it as easy as possible.  I wouldn’t advocate cutting corners when it comes to eating a healthy diet, but canned fruit with juice is a great way of eating well and adding to your dietary fibre, whilst also being cost-effective for those on a budget.

24 hours might not seem that long to find time for five portions of fruit and vegetables, so I always suggest starting at breakfast. Starting to get one of your five-a-day first thing will stand you in good stead for the rest of the day and eating fruit is a fantastic way to wake you up in the morning, either eaten on its own, as a topping on cereal or mixed with natural yoghurt.

Preparing varied and exciting breakfasts doesn’t need to take hours, as long as you set yourself up with everything you need.  It all starts with the supermarket shop, ensuring you’ve got a variety of options to cover off all the food groups.  By giving yourself plenty of choice of fruit for breakfast, you won’t get bored. 

One of the benefits of adding canned fruit with juice into the mix is that you can stock up your cupboard with a supply of fruit that's ready to eat and because it has a long shelf life, there’s no food waste either! What’s more, you can’t use the excuse that it needs chopping, pitting and peeling, because it’s already been taken care of.

If you have a really early start or a family to look after, it might be a good idea to prep in advance.  Overnight Oats with canned peaches with juice is one of my favourite recipes – pop open the can, drain the juice into a bowl or a jar with some oats, top up with some apple juice or milk and give it a good mix.  Add a dollop of low fat yoghurt if you like and add the peaches on top to get one of your five a day. Leave it in the fridge overnight and it's ready when you wake up!

Overnight Oats is a great option for those to take breakfast to work.  However if you prefer regular cereal or perhaps microwaveable porridge, small cans such as Princes Peaches, Pineapple and Fruit Cocktail with Juice are perfect to take out of the house with you.  Each small can contains a single, pre-prepared portion of your five a day, and there's no need for a can opener.  Tip onto your cereal or porridge for a nutritious boost - you don’t have to worry about it bruising in your bag, and can even keep a supply in your desk drawer.

Make eating five-a-day a goal for 2017, remembering that fresh, frozen, dried and canned fruit and vegetables all count, as well as 100% fruit or vegetable juice, pure fruit juice smoothies and pulses.

Good luck!