Between business, DJing, parties, fashion, and the food/beverage category, Paris Hilton is a celebrity trailblazer who's almost always on the leading edge. Paris not only has an eye for what’s next; she’s in the type of exclusive company that decides what’s next. Similar to the likes of Kim Kardashian, her relevancy amongst the millennial and gen Z communities remains unquestioned – their approval of innovative products oftentimes leads to new trends or gives foresight into the trends that are already taking the United States by storm. We recently picked up on her stamp of approval for a modern beverage product that could be on its way to replacing the extremely outdated category of sugary cocktail mixers. This new blend of natural ingredients and real fruit powders known as Craftmix® is listed as ‘Hot’ on her Shopify store. 

Before we get into the low-calorie craft cocktail mixer that’s included as part of a 5PM Happy Hour Kit, we should note that Paris has often talked about trying to stay healthy whilst living a chaotic celebrity lifestyle, which makes it difficult. Her image as a celebrity has always been closely linked to beauty, fashion, and makeup, which all complement her tight figure. So, any efforts to purchase better-for-you products that are simple to make and easily portable don’t come as a surprise. Craftmix cocktail mixers fit this description perfectly and suit her personality as a busy artist who’s always down for a good time (and a great-tasting cocktail).

Why is Craftmix such a modern take on the seemingly outdated cocktail mixer category? Well, it seems like the company picked up on the better-for-you products trend at the right time. Older mixers on the market are extremely unhealthy with high sugar content and poor ingredients. Most of them are also inconveniently sized in huge plastic bottles and don’t always have the desired taste. Craftmix uses single-serving powdered beverage mixers that dissolve within seconds – a trend that’s already become popular for hydration. Their quality ingredients leave you with a bar-fresh taste, whether you want a craft cocktail or a mocktail for your non-drinkers. It turns the often awkward and time-consuming process of making a cocktail at home easy for chance, so you can even make them on the go. The small packets literally fit in your purse.

To top it off, the all-natural Craftmix flavors are all low-calorie, low-sugar, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, fat-free, and made in the USA. They give the increasingly health-conscious customers of today an alternative that contains only 25 calories and 5 grams of sugar per serving.

It’s no wonder why Paris and her team view this low-calorie craft cocktail mix as a fit for her online store. If you don’t need a happy hour kit, we’d suggest going to the Craftmix website to shop individual flavors in various quantities, such as Mango Margarita, Mint Mojito, Blood Orange Mai-Tai, Strawberry Mule, and Passionfruit Paloma. Every cocktail mixer they offer is ready in 3 simple steps, and it’s the perfect way to get your cocktail fix, without the added guilt.