Paris Hilton

Paris Whitney Hilton is an American heiress, socialite, entrepreneur, model, singer, actress and TV personality. Paris starting her modelling career as a teenager and signed to Donald Trump’s modelling agency T management.

In 2003, she starred in a reality TV show The Simple Life with other wealthy socialite Nicole Richie in which they struggled to do daily tasks such as cleaning, working on a farm and working in a fast food restaurant.

In 2004, she released an autobiography and then released her self-titled album Paris. She has been in several reality TV shows that are about her life including Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend and The World According to Paris.

She has recently been filming for several projects including a crime drama titled Bling Ring that will be released this year. It has also been reported that she will be releasing her second album this summer.