Tom Daley

Tom Daley

Please tell us about the Daley Kickstart campaign

So many people wake up feeling groggy, not always getting up on the right side of bed. So I have teamed up with Quaker Oats to help the nation with some top tips and bed time habits so you can get the most out of your day with my Daley Kickstart. A few small changes to the start of your day could make a massive difference. There is more information on the @QuakerOatsUK Instagram. 

What does a typical morning look like in your world?

Normally I am up at 6am. Get myself dressed and ready. I do 10 minutes of mindfulness, a little stretch, a bowl of Quaker oats and maybe some eggs too! A cup of coffee with the news and then I write three things that I want to achieve in the day and then I leave at 7:30am. Depending what time Robbie is awake in that 6-7:30 window, I’ll give him his morning bottle. 

Have you always been a morning person?

I never used to be a morning person. But I had to learn to be with my diving. Being prepared the night before helps. As well as a good sleep routine (dark cool room and no phones before bed) will help get you off to a good start in the morning. 

What other things do you do the night before to set yourself up for a productive morning?

I like to get my clothes out ready. I pack my diving bag. I get the things I will need for breakfast ready too. That way it takes away the thinking in the morning. 

Have you ever been a snoozer?!

Of course! Who hasn’t?! But I did notice a big change in my motivation and mood when I did. I think it’s best to get up and get on with the day so you don’t fall back into a weird limbo state of sleep. 

What sort of things do you enjoy for breakfast for those who need inspiration?

My favourite is a bowl of oats with banana and peanut butter. I also love blueberries and strawberries in it! 

Does social media and email checking factor into your morning routine?

I don’t check my emails until I am out of the house and on the train. I like to keep my mornings phone-less. So I can just concentrate on me and my family.

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