Top 10 Valentine’s Day Dining Tips

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Dining Tips

Dining out on Valentine’s Day can be stressful. Where should you eat? What should you eat? How much should you spend? And which wine will go with the meal?

These are all questions that fly around our heads but no need to get in a fluster, Lucy Taylor head of restaurant relations at toptable gives us her top tips for dining out this Valentine’s Day, enjoy!

Pick the restaurant that’s right for you

Don’t just book based on the reviews. Think about the types of restaurants and cuisine your date is into and pick accordingly, you can’t go wrong.

Shop around, there are plenty of deals to be had even on the big day

Reservation services such as toptable allow you to specify your desired location, how much you want to spend, and browse special offers available.

To find the perfect wine for your budget, don’t be afraid to ask

Have a budget in mind and ask the advice of the sommelier. They’re knowledgeable, love to be asked and will be sure to point you in the right direction.

Don’t worry about matching your wine to your meal, go with what you enjoy

As a general rule white goes with fish, red with meat and sweet wine with dessert. However, even the most ardent wine buffs would agree you should go with what you fancy. 

Don’t show off and choose your meal sociably to avoid spoiling the mood

Remember even if you are an adventurous eater your date may not be; avoid food that might put your date off.

If you aren’t sure what to eat then go ahead and ask the chef

More often than not the chef will be happy to advise you and if you are lucky, they may even cook you up something special.

Manners maketh the man

Ensure that you make your date feel comfortable and pampered during your romantic date, small things count like allowing them to sit facing into the restaurant.

Be sure to think ahead

The best restaurants get booked up fast. If your date has expressed interest in a particular restaurant, then go ahead and book early.

Be creative and surprise your date with something a little unexpected

Doing something different always makes for a memorable date. Consider a cosy pub with great food over a swanky central London venue or an early table at an exclusive restaurant and then going to the theatre

It’s never too late if you forget

Don’t fret, toptable shows live availability at the best restaurants so you can still book a great table last minute - download our free app to make it even easier!

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