A new study has shown that Brits believe good food (82%), sunny weather (69%) and the guests (43%) are the three most important factors when planning the perfect barbeque.

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

If you're looking forward to a barbeque filled summer season with your friends, you’re not alone! New research from leading frozen food retailer, Aunt Bessie’s, has revealed one in ten Brits will attend more than 20 barbeques this summer*, so if you’re throwing one, it’s important to get it spot on.

The study also revealed that unusual sides is where the real excitement is. Almost a third (31%) look forward to potato and sweet potato sides, closely followed by corn on the cob (21%) and surprisingly, salad (15%).

For those who are veggie or just prefer tasty sides rather than a meat feast, Aunt Bessie’s has put together some simple, easy to follow tips to have the ultimate veggie friendly barbecue this summer:

Use new and exciting vegetables.

“Mix it up and ask each guest to bring an unusual vegetable to throw on the barbecue. Try Portobello mushrooms to use as a veggie burger or pineapple rings sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for something sweet.”

Make sure you marinate!

Marinating vegetables will help them cook better and taste better. Try using orange marmalade, soy sauce or ginger for a more distinct taste. Let them soak for 30 minutes to an hour before grilling.”

Sweet potato wedges.

“Almost a third (31%) of Brits favour potato and sweet potato sides over any other. Aunt Bessie’s sweet potato wedges count as one of your five a day and as these come ready to cook you can save yourself time to focus on manning the barbecue.” 

You can grill cheese!

“Toss halloumi in oil and sprinkle with paprika and thyme and grill for 3 minutes per side.”

Cheesy corn on the cob

21% of Brits look forward to corn on the cob as a side at a barbecue. It’s the perfect finger food so ideal for eating whilst socialising. Add butter, lightly char and sprinkle with parmesan.”

Make the ultimate salad!

“Salad doesn’t have to be the boring side dish, with a surprising 15% of Brits admitting to gravitating towards the salad bowl. Top with olives and feta cheese or add some home-made coleslaw to add extra flavour.”

Tofu is the perfect meat substitute.

“Make sure it is firm and pressed before grilling. It is lower in fat than meat, so use more oil to grease up your grill to make up for it.”

Veggie skewers

“Vegetables such as onion, boiled potatoes and sweet mini peppers work perfectly for a healthy yet tasty kebab.”

Tasty sauces.

“Salsa and hummus are perfect for dipping. Try making your own and add chilli flakes for an extra kick.”

Don’t forget dessert!

“Drizzle peaches with maple syrup, scatter with nuts and wrap each one in kitchen foil. The parcels can be baked in the oven or placed in the hot ashes of a barbecue. This technique works well for most fruits.”

Aunt Bessie’s is giving Sainsbury’s shoppers the chance to win the ‘Ultimate BBQ’ – complete with a trained grill chef, a brand new barbecue, Sony portable speaker, LED lights, £100 spending money and lots more.

Nicola Jackson, Sainsbury’s Shopper Marketing Manager at Aunt Bessie’s, added, “We all know how much we Brits love to have a barbeque, even with just the slightest hint of sunshine.

“To celebrate the launch of our competition we really wanted to find out what people most look forward to when attending a barbecue and provide the public with useful tips to help make theirs the best ever. One lucky winner really will have the ‘Ultimate BBQ’ experience and everyone at Aunt Bessie’s is already envious of this fantastic prize!”

For your chance to win, simply purchase a pack of Aunt Bessie’s Rustic Fries, Sweet Potato Wedges or Sweet Potato Fries from Sainsbury’s and swipe your Nectar card from 7th June 2017 until 30th June 2017. **

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