It’s that time of year again *drum rolls please* – yes of course, World Chocolate Day. Surely there’s nothing better than your favourite good old-fashioned chocolate bar? Think again.

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve uncovered 10 delicious chocolaty treats that will undoubtedly blow your mind…

Chocolate Chai Tea Tea, £9.50

Britain’s favourite hot brew just got even better. Ideal for tea-lover and chocolate addicts alike, Aussie tea specialists T2’s Oolong Chocolate Chai is perfect for a cozy treat to hit that sweet tooth. Expect some of the flavorful cinnamon and ginger notes you’d get in a traditional chai.

White Chocolate Risotto

Who said sweet and savory don’t mix? A white chocolate risotto is just the trick to shush those naysays. Think you’re up to the challenge? Try this recipe from Silencer Innovations.

Chocolate Pasta

Another unexpected savoury infusion that’s sure to turn a few head. You heard it – chocolate tagliatelle is REALLY a thing. Try this tasty creation from Vendhi, produced with raw materials.

Cocoa Pesto

Attention all culinary adventure seekers! Chocolate pesto is here and it’s truly changing our minds about chocolate’s role within cuisine. Hotel Chcolat, of course renowned as masters of all creations chocolate, have produced a beautiful pesto including rough-chopped basil, crunchy pine nuts, Italian cheese and nutty roast cocoa nibs.

Chocolate Chilli Con Carne

Proving that chocolate holds no bounds in cooking, take a look at this chocolate beef chili from Clodagh – a chili recipe ideal for warming up on a chilly day!

Apple Chilli Chocolate Chutney

Welcome, a cutney with a difference… infusing some classic flavours in with our favourite ingredients such as apples, cider, ginger, cinnamon, and chocolate (of course!), The Jam Horse have created a unique pot of loveliness – perfect with crackers, cheeses, sandwiches… and perhaps some more chocolate?

Choco Matcha, £24.00

Chocolate and green tea – a match-a made in heaven? Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun! This premium choco matcha blend from everyone’s favourite loose-leaf tea experts, T2,  puts a modern spin on a Japanese, meaning you can enjoy delicious taste and soak up some of those health perks associated with matcha tea.

Craft Chocolate Beer

It’s not just food it seems that people are infusing chocolate these days, but chocolate is also making its way into our favourite alcoholic beverages. Check out this sensational chocolate porter craft beer from prolific brewers, Meantime, including warm, complex and smooth flavours.

Chocolate Orange Marmalade

Looking to jazz up for morning toast? Put away the chocolate spread and reach for something a little more sophisticated – we’re talking chocolate orange marmalade…

Chocolate Escalades

What do you get when you mix chocolate with Mexican cuisine – something unexpectedly delicious of course! These 30-minute from-start-to-finish enchiladas by V&V Supremo Foods are super easy and guaranteed to hit the spot!

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