Bingo is a game that anyone can play and enjoy. It’s easy to learn and follow, that’s why the age range is so wide when it comes to this fabulous game.

Bingo good for your wellbeing

Bingo good for your wellbeing

Kids can have hours of fun and stimulation if done right, and the same applies to elderly citizens.

As mentioned before, the game is basic and while it has some tricks to learn we are not going to focus on that in this article.

The game was originated in Italy around the 14th century. Then the French took it and 200 years later it landed in the UK. 

It was played originally by aristocrats only and then cut its way through society until the current date.

The game stays as fresh as always, and believe it or not, it will help you improve your daily life in ways that you may have never imagined. 

Great learning tool for children

There are some variations that are mostly known of Bingo. For example, in the United States, they mostly play the 75 ball version, and it includes letters that read Bingo at the top of the cards. But in the United Kingdom, the 90 ball version is preferred, which has no letters. Only numbers.

Bingo can be very educational and stimulating for young kids. The game can help you teach your children to read numbers, and even further it can teach them to follow rules and to stay focused on a task. All this while still having fun. You can use some custom cards as well to teach them animals, food and letters.

It can be very intriguing and stimulating for the young ones, and if you have more than one child you can entertain them all at the same time.

A different evening with friends

If you want to have some friends over but you want something different than the usual chitchat, you can try hosting a Bingo match.

You can spice up the game by using custom cards instead of just numbers. There are printable cards with actions instead and it could get very interesting.

This simple tweak adds an extra layer of fun to the game and will let you stand out as a host.

There’s nothing like having friends over to play some games and have cupcakes!

Integrating with your elderly loved ones 

If you are still lucky enough to have your granny around, or your mom is at an advanced age you can use Bingo as a tool to engage with them at a different level.

Nursery homes usually host bingo games to keep their residents active, and most of the time you will be more than welcome to join.

Bingo is extremely easy to follow, and it could turn a regular afternoon into valuable time with those who love us the most. I bet your granny or grandpa has some great stories about playing bingo with you when you were a child. Those moments are more valuable than any jackpock you could ever win.

Play while breastfeeding

Congratulations! You are a mom now. Does that mean that you can’t have fun anymore and that you’ve turned yourself into a human milk carton? No! Unless you have twins (and I pity you if you do), you still have a free hand and there’s a lot you can do with it. If you are already bored of sweeping down your social networks, how about playing some bingo?

Fortunately, there are websites like 888 ladies online bingo where you can play online bingo directly from your phone, and with just one hand you can win big prizes and jackpots.

They even offer a chat to converse with your friends while playing.

Bingo helps you relax 

Studies say that games like bingo help you relax while keeping your mind mildly active. If you are too stressed from work, just sitting on the couch to take a break sometimes won’t cut it. When your brain is trying to rest, if you are overstressed you may keep thinking about work and duties.

Again, playing bingo is a good way to keep your mind away from work or your heavy thoughts for a bit. You can stretch your legs on the couch and let your body recharge. You deserve it and after a bit, you’ll be full of energy to face the remaining of your day with a better and more calmed attitude.

Entertaining children

So, we talked about your friends coming over, but what if you are not the host. What if it’s your kid that invited some friends to play. Yeah, even that troublemaker Kevin who grabs your cat by the tail.

The great thing about bingo is that you can arrange a game and with just one person (you) and control and keep entertaining such a crazy crowd as a group of excited children.

You can even use custom cards to make it more interesting and have different bingo games during the same afternoon.

The great thing about Bingo is that it can be played without money involved, and if you want to still give some prizes you can go as simple as candy. Kids love candy, well… everyone loves candy, to be honest.


As simple as it seems, bingo is a hell of a game. It has been around for centuries and there’s a reason for that. It’s a great game.

It’s easy to pick up and it fought the pass of time with grace by evolving into different media such as online bingo and more creative ways like custom card games.

Either if you are by yourself or with your newborn, you can play the game from your phone or tablet. And, if you have a tough crowd to entertain such as kids or a pack of sugar craving lady friends.

Do not forget that you can expand your relationship with your close ones such as children or elder relatives.

Bingo is a game for everyone, and it has cut deep into our fun exploring souls. It is old but it doesn’t feel old.

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