Ahead of the opening ceremonies for BlizzCon 2018, it was revealed that the widely-rumoured collaboration between Blizzard and Kellogg's was indeed true, and the pair had been working on bringing Overwatch cereal Lucio-Oh's to real-life customers across the United States.

Lucio-Oh's are about to become a thing of reality!

Lucio-Oh's are about to become a thing of reality!

There's no word yet on whether or not the cereal will make its way across the globe, but this December will see the launch of Lucio-Oh's in the US. All I know is that if these do remain exclusive to Americans, I'll be getting my friends on the other side of the pond to send me a few dozen boxes! I can see myself falling into an addiction just as strong as the one I feel when playing Overwatch once I take my first bite...

I'm not the only one excited! Check out these reactions from the Blizzard gaming community in response to the news...

BlizzCon 2018 is available to watch online via the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket - head to Blizzcon.com for more information!

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