Women have far more entertainment options available to them than ever, but it can be easy to get stuck following the’ same old same old’ and not sampling something new.

Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment Ideas

Here are a few up to date ideas that you may want to consider trying something a bit different to your leisure time.


There are a huge number of entertaining podcasts that women can get their teeth into at the moment, some of which are focused on female issues while others tackle a range of equally interesting topics in other areas.

Take for instance RuPaul: What's the Tee? a comedy podcast first released on April 9, 2014 hosted by RuPaul and Michelle Visage. The hosts discuss a wide range of subjects and usually have at least one celebrity guest per episode. 

If the scary crime is your thing try Redhanded – From British pals, Hannah and Suruthi.

These two ladies cover everything from big time serial killers and those you may never have heard of, to hauntings, possessions, disturbing mysteries, and the bizarre - basically everything creepy. 

Check out the charts on iTunes for more inspiration.

Online Gaming

With the current restrictions many of us are looking to the internet for entertainment, the web can provide a massive choice of brilliant entertainment services, many of which are interactive, engaging and require a surprising amount of skill.

You could try out multiplayer games Marvel’s Avengers, or Crossfire X. Then there are games that let you test your mettle and win real cash through online  Casino Bonus, many also offer sports betting on your smartphone.

If you prefer a more tactical experience, many of these are worth trying out. In terms of mobile play, there are a huge number of options, many of which are free to download. Just remember to watch out for expensive in-app content that may not be needed.

Art Classes

Art has made a major comeback particularly during recent times.

You can take up art classes with friends, learn some useful skills painting, clay modelling, the range is huge, you’ll have loads of fun expressing your creative side while socialising with like-minded people, and what could be better than producing your own piece of real art.


Working with your hands and nurturing something living is incredibly rewarding, as well as being a genuinely entertaining way to spend your time. Of course many women may not have access to an actual garden, in which case there are options for apartment owners.

House plants can be a joy to maintain, but a more modern and stylish choice is a terrarium. These have come back into fashion recently and while you can buy one ready-made, it’s better to start from scratch.

Let your imagination guide you and you’re sure to find entertainment in many unexpected areas!


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