When we were sent the latest entry to the Far Cry franchise, we had quite a clear idea of what to expect thanks to a lot of exciting promotional material, including lead character descriptions and thrilling videos. So, when we were finally forced to take control and enter the cult world of Eden’s Gate, tension was at an all-time high. Led by Joseph Seed, as well as various members of his family, the new world is one built with an intent to live as they please, and trample over anybody who gets in their way. Though most civilians have bent to their will, there is a Resistance force building up to take the cult down piece by piece, and that’s where players come in.

Once you’ve made it through the 60-minute tutorial, the world really is yours to be explored. As open as can be possible, you’re encouraged to tackle each member of the Seed family and various side missions in whatever order you deem appropriate. Want to take down an outpost and claim it for the Resistance? Go get it done. Want to take a relaxing stroll by a lake and catch some fish? That’s fine too! There’s plenty of stuff to get up to in Eden Lake to ensure you’re never left bored, and with consistently changing environments that could see you fall into battle at any moment, you’re always left on your toes wondering what’s around the next corner.

The story may feel a little lacking in intrigue at times, but for people who really want to dig into the psychology of a cult and how easily people can be manipulated, it provides a pretty interesting view of the world. For those who aren’t as impressed as others however, there are plenty of other things to get up to. Through exploration, you’ll learn more about the relationships shared by specific characters, allowing you to manipulate the world in ways which give you the advantage and upper hand heading into battles.

Making friends is essential, and one of your first priorities should probably be to gain an ally who can fight alongside you on your journey. Who better to choose than the gorgeous little pup Boomer? Whenever working as part of a group, you’ll serve as the leader and be able to send out your comrades as silent assassins, or full throttle killers. Whatever the case may be, they’re entirely necessary if you’re to make a success of your foray into Eden’s Lake.

Travel can be made by car, boat, or even helicopter and plane, but some of the most fun we had was once we picked up our wingsuit perk and made our way to some of the highest points on the map. Wingsuit locations are marked with a specific icon, and so when a player has found them and made their way to them, there’s nothing better than jumping and getting a proper bird’s eye view of the world.

Clutch Nixon side missions are also a blast, allowing players to take control of a number of vehicles and run through checkpoints before their time runs out. They may sound like standard time trials, but there’s a huge element of danger and difficulty to each and every Clutch Nixon quest.

Aside from the main game – which can be played entirely in co-op mode, by the way! – there’s the brilliant new addition of the Far Cry Arcade. A nearly infinite number of maps are available in this mode for players to not only compete in, but create themselves. You can go it alone in some maps, join up with a friend, or even engage in up to 6v6 player versus player fun. Not only that, but any progress you make for your character is something that will jump on over to your main campaign, allowing you to level up wherever you like and pick up perks with ease.

A huge team has worked behind-the-scenes on Far Cry 5, and it’s clear that they’re extremely passionate about this game and franchise. The joy you get from spending countless hours in Eden Lake is unlike that which you get from any other title, especially in this series, and that’s something that just has to be applauded. An essential buy for gamers who have some time to burn.

Far Cry 5 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A copy of Far Cry 5 was given to Female First for review purposes. The game was reviewed on Xbox One.

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