'Farpoint' is set to be released on PlayStation VR.



Sony has announced that the space adventure video game is to be exclusively released on PS VR on May 17.

The gaming giant took to Twitter to tell it's 480,000 followers: "Be immersed in Farpoint's hostile alien world. Available exclusively to PlayStation VR on May 17th. Pre-order now."

Players will find themselves stranded on an "uncharted extra-terrestrial world" with only standard issue equipment to keep them alive. With a mission to find a crashed space station called The Pilgrim and locate its survivors before they can find a way back home.

Gameplay features a mixture of primary and secondary weapons as players freely explore their surroundings.

PlayStation VR Aim will enable users to directly interact and defend themselves from a deadly alien threat with the consoles' pinpoint accuracy of the PS VR aim controller.

Each move made is tracked by integrated motion sensors and a built-in light sphere that works with the PlayStation Camera, so players are encouraged to keep moving to keep living.