Gaming is a staple that is inseparable whenever we think of entertainment. It is an everyday occurrence for people in Britain and something that cheers them up after a demanding workday. It would be an understatement to say that video games are popular in the UK; it has been the top market for them in Europe and the top five worldwide

Streaming credit Alin Surdu unsplash

Streaming credit Alin Surdu unsplash

However, recent statistics show that gaming is not the country’s most preferred entertainment medium as of today. According to the Entertainment and Retail Association’s (ERA) report, the UK’s entertainment sector has accumulated a total value reached £11.9 billion in 2023 which marks a 7% rise from the 11 years of growth. This implies that streaming services have dethroned video games as the country's top entertainment medium.

But how did streaming manage to take the place of gaming in the daily lives of British people?

Convenience Reigns Supreme

Streaming services put a universe of content at your fingertips. With a few clicks or taps on your preferred device, you're instantly transported to your desired movie, series, and a wide variety of content to consume. Want to watch that hilarious episode you keep hearing about at 3 am? No problem. Craving a specific documentary right this second? It's there for you. Streaming grants the freedom to watch what you want, when you want, without any external constraints.  What is so appealing is that it is so convenient and hassle-free, gratifying your entertainment needs without having to go so far. This sells itself off so quickly because who wouldn’t want convenient and accessible entertainment after a long day of work?

Moreover, streaming services like Disney+ offer a wide variety of content– no scarcity of content that suits your taste and current preference. Most streaming service platforms make it easier for you to find the content that you like with just a few questions and algorithm work to ascertain your preference. Convenience partnered with impeccable curation tailored to your needs is the ultimate success that makes itself.

The Binge-Watching Boom

The allure of a complete season at your fingertips is undeniable.  Streaming services know that once you start watching, the temptation to keep going is strong. They strategically release full seasons to hook viewers early and keep them glued to their screens, consuming episode after episode.  This translates to more viewing hours, a key metric for their success.

No one wants to be left out of the cultural conversation and streaming services exactly knew how to capitalize on this. Releasing full seasons, like how Netflix does, creates a sense of urgency and viewers feel compelled to binge-watch to keep up with friends, social media discussions, and online spoilers.  This FOMO effect fuels the rapid consumption of content so many viewers have a natural urge to finish what they start. Streaming services tap into this by offering a complete season.  The satisfaction of checking a show off your mental "to-watch" list motivates viewers to power through episodes, ensuring they reach the end.

Mobile Mania

Streaming services have exploded in popularity and it’s thanks to the power of mobile viewing. Smartphones today boast astounding specifications such as high-resolution displays and powerful processors; which makes them ideal for streaming various media content that rivals traditional TVs and consoles. Moreover, smartphones are inseparable from the concept of convenience that allows streaming apps to be accessible anywhere.  Commute on the train? Catch up on your favorite show. Waiting at the doctor's office? Dive into a gripping documentary. Mobile streaming grants ultimate flexibility and fits seamlessly into busy lifestyles. 

In a similar vein, this is also the reason why most of the online lucrative leisure thrives today. Sports betting and online casinos are more accessible today because everyone knows how to operate mobile phones and navigate them well. People utilize the combined power of mobile phones and the internet to access sites like CasinoReviews which are not just productive when it comes to their generous offers but have also established consumer’s trust with their impeccable curation and honest reviews.

The Power of Choice

Streaming services know their consumer demographics extremely well. It’s important that as a business, you know who your customers are and what they are willing to purchase among what you offer. Most streaming platforms offer two options: free streaming but with the concession of advertisements or a monthly subscription that grants a premium experience. For those with tight budgets, free streaming services with limited ad interruptions or budget-friendly bundles with phone or internet plans might be the go-to option. Consumers with more flexibility might subscribe to a single streaming service with a diverse library or rotate between a few based on current offerings. Viewers with specific tastes might subscribe to niche streaming services offering independent films, documentaries, or foreign content. For those who enjoy a casual entertainment experience, freemium streaming services with a smaller library might suffice.

Streaming services have risen and stepped up their game when it comes to entertainment, which means our options have expanded. This is a delight that brings delectable ways to enjoy life outside of work and other things that we need to do to live in this world. As consumers, all we have to do is to pick what suits us best and consume them moderately.