The Joker will be a playable character when the free Season 1 update for 'Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League' lands next week.

The Joker and his flying umbrella debut in trailer for Season 1 update

The Joker and his flying umbrella debut in trailer for Season 1 update

A new gameplay trailer shows the iconic DC villain land for battle via a "rocket-powered" flying umbrella when the update is made available on March 28.;

A press release read: "Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark teleporting to a Brainiac invaded Elseworld to rescue and recruit an alternate reality version of The Joker. This Elseworld twist on the iconic DC Super-Villain will be the latest playable character to join Task Force X, bringing his own brand of mayhem and chaos into the mix along with a healthy dose of explosives and a rocket-powered umbrella to launch himself through the air and glide across the city. Additionally, all Season 1 content will be set against the backdrop of an ever-changing Elseworld version of Metropolis with a distorted landscape that has been reimagined in The Joker’s image."

Players can expect two episodes, kicking off with 'Episode 1: Fear' on March 28, "with new gear inspired by the terror-inducing toxins and poisons of Scarecrow and Notorious items featuring Mad Hatter, Merlyn, and Dr. Psycho."

'Episode 2: Duality' is set to arrive with the mid-season update and will bring "a new mission type, new Green Lantern infused enemies, new Two-Face Infamy gear sets, and new Notorious weaponry based on DC Super-Villains Reverse-Flash and Black Manta."

The new trailer can be viewed via the game's official YouTube channel. The title has a Mature 17+ rating, as it contains Blood and Gore, Strong Language, and Violence.

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