'Mario Bros' has been released on the Nintendo Switch - but some fans are disappointed with the price.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The classic title, which was first released in September 1985, is available for console from the Switch Eshop, as the first of Nintendo's newly-announced Arcade Archives games, priced at $7.99.

The title enables players to compete against one another or cooperate as they take control of Mario and Luigi while villains emerge from pipes and attempt to defeat them.

However, some fans have questioned why the game is retailing at $7.99, insisting it is too expensive.

One Twitter user wrote: "Great game but $7.99? Picross S is coming out this week too @ the same $$. You're telling me Mario Bros is as good value as Picross S? Crazy (sic)"

Another posted: "$7.99 for Mario Bros?!? You need to rethink your prices. (sic)"

One tweeted: "7.99! If i wanted to play mario i would just get out my old Wii and play super mario bros (sic)"

This comes after PlayStation's gaming boss insisted he doesn't believe a hybrid gaming system, like the Nintendo Switch, represents a "huge market opportunity".

While the Switch - which enables gamers to play at home on their TV or on the go - has set new sales records for Nintendo, PlayStation do not look like they will follow suit anytime soon, admitting there was "not a huge demand" for PlayStation's handheld Vita console.

He told Bloomberg: "The Nintendo device is a hybrid device and that's a different approach and strategy.

"We have not seen that as being a huge market opportunity.

"The Vita experience was that outside of Japan and Asia, there was not a huge demand."

Andrew admitted PlayStation don't see the future in hybrid devices because of the rise of gaming on mobile phones.

He added: "The lifestyle shift toward the dominance of smartphones as the single key device that is always with you, was the determining factor."