Microsoft doesn't want to "build walls" around Xbox.

Microsoft's Xbox

Microsoft's Xbox

The tech giants are set to release their next generation consoles - the Xbox Series X and the Series S - in November, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said the company are keen to keep their gaming experience open to as many people as possible, without forcing them to buy their latest console.

Phi told Fast Company: "Microsoft is in the gaming business for the long run, we want to be a platform where hundreds of millions or billions of players can find somewhere to play. Building walls around Xbox, so the only way you can continue the experience you love is to buy a new console this fall - for us, it doesn't seem in line with the values we have as a team."

Xbox is currently working on a cloud streaming service named xCloud, which entered beta testing in November last year and launched for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate earlier this week.

The feature is designed to allow those who pay for the highest-tier subscription - which costs £10.99 a month - access to a range of Xbox games in a cloud system.

This means players can play more than 150 genuine Xbox games through a device such as an Android phone, as the title will be streamed to that device through the cloud, in a similar way to a YouTube video.

Meanwhile, Xbox fans will be able to pre-order the Xbox Series X, which costs £449, and the Series S, priced at £249, on Tuesday (22.09.20).