A new 'Destiny 2' PvP map has been added to the game.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Bungie has decided to coincide the launch with the start of 'Destiny 2's first Iron Banner, but the feature won't be immediately available in all playlists until next week.

Iron Banner is set to run for a week, ending on October 17, meaning players should expect Distant Shore to appear in the general multiplayer version around the same time.

Meanwhile, game director Christopher Barrett recently gave 'Destiny 2' players the chance to suggest new content.

Barrett took to his Twitter account to ask the title's fans what they would like to see in the first DLC pack.

He wrote: "What would you most like to see in the first expansion? #Destiny2 (sic)"

Barrett was inundated with responses from gamers, with loot improvements proving a popular suggestion, while some supporters were also keen to see private matches.

One gamer wrote: "Content for the more hardcore audience. Investment loops that require more time/effort. More loot. Random rolls return for some gear.

"Private matches and ranked play for the dedicated crucible players. (sic)"

Another Twitter user posted: "Strike specific loot, Public Event engrams that drop unique armor/weapons for each planet, hoodless Hunter scarf, hardcore endgame grind! (sic)"