‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ is giving players a free Shiny Toxtricity for a limited time.

Pokemon's free Shiny Toxtricity

Pokemon's free Shiny Toxtricity

The set of two role-playing video games – which were released in 2019 by Game Freak, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch – have made the exclusive monster free to players from now until March 18 to celebrate the launch of the Pokemon Trading Card Game's latest expansion, Shining Fates.

In order to claim the Shiny version of the poison-type Pokemon, players must visit a participating game store – including GameStop and EB Games – and use the Pokemon Pass mobile app.

Once at the store, players must open the app and use the prompt to claim a code, which can then be entered into their copy of the game to redeem the Shiny Toxtricity.

According to GameSpot.com, players do not have to physically enter any of the stores to get the code, and can instead just stand outside a participating location and claim the code through the app from outside.

For those who can’t visit a store, there’s still plenty of free Pokemon content available in the Sword and Shield games, as the titles are currently giving away an in-game gift set as a reward for players defeating more than one million Cramorant during the recent Cramorant event.

Until February 28, players can get their hands on a toxic orb, a flame orb, a light ball, a gold bottle cap, three regular bottle caps, and three pearl strings by opening the Mystery Gift from the game’s menu screen and selecting “Receive via Internet”.

The Pokemon Company will also be giving away a special Pikachu that knows the move Sing starting on February 25, as part of the brand’s 25th anniversary celebration.