Slingo has become a widely-played game among all kinds of players but there are some reasons why it might strike a chord with women. This game is a cross between bingo and slots, where the idea is to complete winning lines to win prizes. Anyone who loves bingo might find that Slingo appeals to them for the following reasons. 

Slingo popularity?

Slingo popularity?

How It's Linked to Bingo

The basic mechanism is the same in all Slingo games, as you get a selection of numbers and special symbols on each spin. Just like in traditional bingo, you’re looking to see if the numbers that come up match those on your card. Every time you complete a line of numbers, you climb the table at the side of the screen that shows the potential prizes.

From that starting point, we can see how a range of Slingo bingo exciting games have been created to appeal to different types of players. Red Hot Slingo, Slingo Lightning, and Slingo Riches are among the options, featuring a variety of unique symbols and gameplay tweaks in each case.     

While the appeal of bingo has reached more people since it went online, it’s still viewed by some as being mainly a 'women’s game'. This report by Game Developer suggests that women make up as much as 85% of the bingo market. Hybrids like Slingo could be viewed as a way of introducing a bingo-type game to people who have never played bingo while giving experienced players a new way to try. 

Games with Women Lead Characters and Themes

One of the ways that developers have used to expand into new audiences is by using themes such as Slingo Cleopatra, based on the slot by IGT of the same. The fact that this is one of the most famous slot machines of all time may encourage players who love the slot to try the Slingo version. The use of such a well-known female character could help it catch the eye of women in particular. 

Casino game developers typically state that they don't specifically create games for men or women, focussing instead on games that they believe will appeal to as many potential players as possible. Yet, with so many themes covered in the Slingo range, it seems certain that some of them catch the eyes of more women than men, especially those who already love playing bingo.


TV Game Show-Themed Versions

Slingo Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Slingo Deal or No Deal are two examples of massively popular game shows getting a Slingo makeover. Both games are presented with bonus rounds based on the show that inspired them, integrated with the overall Slingo gameplay. Nicola Buckingham of Gaming Realms has been quoted as saying that the Deal or No Deal title is one of their best-loved games and that women make up 60% of their Slingo audience.

The introduction of game show themes into Slingo could be looked at as simply being another way to increase their appeal across the board, and capture the interest of anyone looking for something new to play.

Overall, Slingo games are designed to appeal to men as much as women, although there may be some themes that appeal more to women.