Mind Candy have released the results from a survey of 2,000 people in the UK which reveal that almost half of Brits (45%) admit they play mobile gaming apps whilst using the toilet.

It is men who are the worse offenders, with 56% confessing to getting their game on in the little boys room, whilst 35% of women like to do the same.

Moshling Rescue available now on Android, iOS and Facebook

Over half (58%) of those asked use time just before sleeping to play mobile games, and nearly a fifth (19%) will engage in gaming during mealtimes.

On average it was revealed that Brits who play gaming apps spend nearly 45 minutes ago on their devices playing games, and it looks to be a trend that takes over other aspects of life.

Almost one in ten men (9%) say they'd rather play with their phone than spend quality time with their significant other, and it's the young offenders who come off as the most unsociable, as those aged between 18 and 24 claim they'd prefer to game than speak to their parents. (18%)

The appeal of reading on holiday has been lost by men (25%) and going to the beach has even had some of its shine dulled (14%), whilst 10% would ignore cultural sites and exploration on holiday.

Moshling Rescue available now on Android, iOS and Facebook

“This research shows that many people play mobile games as a way to take time out of their day to unwind and relax, which you could say makes it the equivalent of the modern day cigarette break. The proliferation of smartphones means that gaming on the go is becoming the norm and the variety on offer means we’re spoilt for choice. We made Moshling Rescue to be the ideal ‘pick up and play’ game that can be enjoyed while on the bus, relaxing on holiday or dare I say it, on the toilet!” said President of Mind Candy, Divinia Knowles.

The research coincides with the release of free-to-download game Moshling Rescue on Android, already available through Facebook and on iOS.

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