Earlier this month, Tekken 7 finally hit shelves after multiple push-backs and hype surrounding the game growing more than ever before. And whilst this is certainly a title that will impress all of those that have been big fans of the franchise for some time, it’s that wait and hype surrounding Tekken 7 that has dampened its fire in the long-run. For casual fans and even Tekken newbies, this doesn’t seem that essential of a purchase.

Available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4

Available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4

One of the main problems I have with Tekken 7 is the control system. After recently playing through the brilliant Injustice 2, combos and the like feel clunky, misjudged and utterly unfair at times. Combining this with the frankly confusing tutoring system which shows you colours and symbols rather than the actual buttons you should be pressing to execute a successful combo brings about frustration quicker than it does success and good feeling.

Whilst the story mode is a beautifully crafted one, it feels shorter than ever before. Campaign modes in games that slot into the fighting genre are typically ones that don’t last more than a few hours, but here after just two to three hours’ gameplay I had finished up. The story left me craving more, with an open ending promising more action to come in the future. Character shots are accessible following the story, but these are usually just one battle and a bit of lore about each. Certainly nothing to write home about.

Online battles show a lot of promise, but you’re left waiting quite some time before pairing up with somebody – at least on Xbox One. When you do join a match, you’re likely going to lag. It all feels incomplete here and, with a game that’s been pushed back so much, that’s pretty much unforgiveable.

The most fun for a lot of people will come with character customisation. Whether you want your favourite fighter to look like a killing machine, or a cat cosplayer, there’s something available for you. Unfortunately, unless you’re running the game on a PlayStation 4 Pro or an amped up PC, the customisations aren’t going to look as good as Bandai Namco have teased. Graphics here are a little embarrassing, with texturizing hugely disappointing and a lot of improvements set to be made. Whether they’ll ever come in the form of a patch is another story.

If you’re looking for a game that gives you that real-life arcade nostalgia, then Tekken 7 may be the perfect purchase. For everything else however, there’s likely something better out there which would suit your needs.

Tekken 7 is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Female First reviewed the game on Xbox One.

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